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Private Lessons 

Here at ATOC, we offer one-on-one lessons for our students. These private lessons are offered as an additional opportunity for students who want more practice and education on top of regular classes. Most of all of our staff participates in weekly private lessons.


No private lessons with any teachers are to be scheduled without a zero balance on your ATOC account. Tuition and all other fees should be paid in full.


Privates are to be scheduled directly with the teacher. Payment should be made directly to the teacher at the time of the private. You may pay the teacher with cash, check, or Venmo. Privates are not to be added to your ATOC account. Fees should be paid to teacher at the time of the private, teachers should not have to remind/request payment.  If a reminder/request is sent, private will be an additonal $10.00.


Cancellation: If you need to cancel a private lesson for any reason, a 24 hour notice must be given to the teacher that the private is scheduled.  You are responsible for private fees if canceled less than 24 hours.

If interested or have more questions, feel free to send us a message for

more information. 


Ballet & Pointe 


Tumbling & Acrobatics


Flexibility & Strength



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