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Strawberry Festival 

We are proud participants of the Strawberry Festival and Parade. We look forward to representing A Touch of Class Performing Arts this year. 

We will be releasing more information soon regarding the following: 

  • Marching in the parade

  • Festival Booth sign up 

DATE: April 14-16th, 2023 

We are getting ready to order T-Shirts for the Parade on Saturday, April 15th.   If you would like for your dancer to participate you are required to purchase a T-Shirt.   Any adult who would like to walk along the parade route will also be required to purchase a T-Shirt.  This is for the safety of our group so that we will know who belongs with our group. We recommend for our younger dance parents bring a wagon just in case your little ones start to get tired!  We will be teaching all the classes the dances that we will use in the parade.

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